Founder University 2-Day Intensive

Founder.University is a two-day curriculum for founders who have launched their product but haven't raised Series A.

Available to 200 startups

General Admission: June 13-14, 2022



Curriculum from previous Founder University

(frequently updated, all times in PST)


10:00AM-11:00AM: Checklist for Talking to Investors & Breakout Session: Jacqui Deegan & Charlie Cuddy, LAUNCH

11:00AM-12:30PM: Perfecting Your Pitch: Jason Calacanis, LAUNCH & Sara Deshpande, Maven Ventures

12:30PM-1:30PM: Legal Lunch ‘n Learn: Mike Pestana, Wilson Sonsini

1:30PM-2:00PM: Breakout Session

2:00PM-2:30PM: Early-Stage Growth & Marketing Tactics: Presh Dineshkumar, LAUNCH

2:30PM-3:00PM: What Investors Look for in Due Diligence & Data Rooms: Caroline Casson, Vitalize VC

3:00PM-3:30PM: Secrets to Customer Success for B2C & B2B: Kristen Wiley, Statusphere

3:30PM-4:00PM: How I Bootstrapped My Productivity App to 700 Paying Customers by #buildinginpublic: Marie Ng, Llama Life

4:00PM-4:30PM: Breakout Session

DAY TWO - February 15th

9:30AM-10:00AM: Breakout Session

10:00AM-10:30AM: The Not-Talked-About Secret to Hypergrowth: Acceleration Through Customer Experience: Maria Pergolino, ActiveCampaign

10:30AM-11:00AM: Building to $10M in ARR without Taking a Series A: Christina Cacioppo, Vanta

11:00AM-12:00PM: Perfecting Your Pitch: Jason Calacanis, Mike Savino & Molly Wood, LAUNCH

12:00PM-12:30PM: How to Optimize Your Conversion Funnels — and How Not to Break Them: Doriane Mouret, Gravitr

12:30PM-1:00PM: Finding Growth through Paid Acquisition: Jen Bryan, Growth University

1:00PM-1:30PM: How to Hire Tech Talent: From Sourcing to Onboarding: Ilya Brotzky, VanHack

1:30PM-2:00PM: How to Build a Great Qualifying Sales Deck: Whitney Sales, Forum VC

2:00PM-3:00PM: 5 Things to Consider When Negotiating a Term Sheet: Becki DeGraw, Wilson Sonsini

3:00PM-3:30PM: Fundraising Success with Strong KPIs: Morgan Spenla, The Crafter’s Box

3:30PM-4:00PM: Breakout Session

4:00PM-4:30PM: Storytelling for Investors, Hiring & Growth: Molly Wood, LAUNCH (prev. Marketplace)

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